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Nipple Reduction/Inverted Nipple

Both women and men can be uncomfortable with the size or shape of their nipples.  Mr Fazel Fatah performs a surgical procedure to reduce or reshape the aerola which is done using a local anaesthetic with or without sedation, which means it's simply a day case and you'll be home recouperating by the end of the day.

As a renowned breast surgeon, Mr Fatah is credited with the West Midlands' first breast reconstruction procedure immediately following mastectomy, all within the same surgery. His extensive work in breast reconstruction means he is often sought after for nipple reconstruction as well. 

Mr Fatah also treats inverted nipples, protruding nipples and asymetrical nipples, so book in for a consultation by calling 0121 456 0897 to dicsuss your personal situation.

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Fazel Fatah on ITV's This Morning

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