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Mole Removal

Moles on any part of the body can be a cause for concern, especially if you have been diligently monitoring the size, shape and colour of the mole for several months and it's characteristics have changed.  

The removal or excision of a mole is usually a quite straight-forward procedure and in some cases can even be performed in the consultating suite.  A consultant surgeon is often sought for moles that are larger or in more prominent locations, as the technique used by a skilled plastic surgeon to remove the mole will also take into account the aftereffects of healing and scarring.

At The Westbourne Centre, I work closely with dermatology consultants who conduct annual mole screening exams, to determine what further work should be done on moles we're concerned about due to the appearance of abnormal cells.  Moles that a GP is concerned about are able to be removed on the NHS; moles you'd like removed for cosmetic reasons will need to be done privately.  

As Mr Fatah has recently retired from the NHS, he is happy to see you if you'd like a mole, or moles, removed privately.  Please contact The Westbourne Centre now to schedule an appointment, 0121 456 0897.

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