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When a man or a woman feels they need a small procedure to effectively ‘wind back the clock’, a facelift is the perfect and simplest option. By reversing the effects of gravity and ageing on the face, improving the contour of the neck, and tightening the cheeks your face will look more youthful and rejuevenated.

Types of Facelift

  • Depending upon your age and the alterations in the facial appearance, the facelift procedures vary. For the younger generations who feel self-conscious about their face, it may only take minor and less invasive suture techniques such as a silhouette lift: this is usually carried out under a local anaesthetic and the recovery rate is extremely fast, but the only issue is they do not have the long lasting benefits of a more conventional facelift, although it may be possible to tighten the old sutures.
  • Lipomodelling (fat grafting) is another procedure commonly used; this treatment uses your own natural fat tissues to graft instead of filler material, to rejuvenate the face without leaving scars or any other lasting marks. Depending on the patient, this can either be carried out under a general or a local anaesthetic, with or without sedation as a day case.
  • If your problem is more extensive and requires more in-depth treatments, there are a variety of facelift operations that allow the deeper layers of the face to be tightened; this also removes excess skin without stretching and ensures that the finished treatment looks natural.
  • Open facelift methods require skin incisions inside the hairline and close to the ears. These incisions eventually result in scars that are hidden behind the natural features of the ears and are almost invisible, unless really concentrated on. Often in these circumstances the neck will require a certain amount of attention too; this will include the removal of unwanted fatty deposits to leave an even and rejuvenated face.

Fazel Fatah has the modern concept of enhancing your natural beauty and totally avoiding un-natural and artificial looking facial features. He has 20 years experience in facial rejuvenation surgery as a Consultant and will guide you with impartial advice to help you make your own decision about having surgery and which of the facelift procedures are suitable for you.

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