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Chin Augmentation

Some experts claim 90% of communication is non-verbal, so it's no wonder we put time and consideration into our facial features.  A weak or receded chin can throw off the balance of your entire face, making a nose appear longer or an overbite more pronounced.

There are two recognised techniques for aumenting the chin: inserting implants or transfering fat.  Mr Fatah is well-known throughout the UK and the USA for his outstanding technique with the delicate process of fat grafting and this is his preferred method of chin reshaping and augmentation. (To learn more about fat grafting and how it is done you may want to view this BBC video of the technique of fat grafting).  

Chin augmentation with fat grafting is a procedure conducted using a local anaesthetic with sedation, which Mr Fatah performs at the prestigious The Westbourne Centre.  To book a consultation please call 0121 456 0897.  

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Fazel Fatah on ITV's This Morning

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