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Breast Uplift

The primary objective of breast uplift surgery (mastopexy) is to produce a pert, firmer and more youthful breast shape that complements the rest of your body. This can help a woman overcome the concern or embarrassment of drooping or unsightly breasts which can occur after pregnancy, loss of weight, or age.

This procedure involves reshaping of and lifting up the breast tissue and the nipple to a higher level, along with removing excess skin to produce a more youthful looking breast. A similar procedure, the mastopexy with implants, additionally uses implants to shape the breast.

Fazel Fatah will give you impartial advice on which procedure will work best for you. He applies a modern concept of reshaping and replacing the breast tissues on the chest wall with a lasting result, instead of the traditional approach of tightening the skin only which has a higher revision rate.

Mild degrees of emptiness can be treated with fat graft or breast augmentation if the patient desires bigger breasts at the same time. However, significant enlargement and tightening of the skin together can lead to an increase in complication rates.

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