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Arm Reduction

Sometimes no amount of diet or exercise can create the arm shape you desire, and a permanent solution is sought with arm lift surgery.  

The process of sculpting the arms and creating the "lift" effect is done using liposuction.  Mr Fazel Fatah uses the Body-Jet liposuction method, a WAL method of gently loosing the fat cells with a pulse of water solution, then immediately 

Choosing your arm reduction surgeon is a big job, there are many out there claiming to be very good.  Mr Fazel Fatah is not only a member of the esteemed BAAPS trade association, he is also their immediate past president.  Mr Fatah is also registered with BAPRAS and is listed on the GMC specialist register of plastic surgeons.  

As an incision is necessary for any brachioplasty surgery, so make sure you consider the reputation of your surgeon when it comes to post-surgical scars. Mr Fatah is renowned for understanding the body's physiology and working with it to create virtually invisible scars post surgery.  His work with Karen's tethered scar on Embarrassing Bodies (see link on home page) generated quite a lot of interest from people wanting him to revise scars and previous cosmetic surgery work.

The best way to see if Mr Fatah is the right surgeon for you is to meet with him, discuss your personal situation and review examples of his work.  To schedule a consultation please call 0121 456 0897. 

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Fazel Fatah on ITV's This Morning

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