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Having Your Surgery with Local Anaesthesia and Sedation

The word 'anaesthesia' comes from a Greek word meaning absence or loss of sensation. Anaesthesia is one of the most significant developments of modern medicine because it allows once unbearable medical procedures to be performed without discomfort.

Local anaesthesia stops pain during a medical procedure by blocking pain signals from being carried by nerves to the brain. The now proven technique of simply using a local anaesthetic for major surgeries, such as breast augmentation and rhinoplasty, was pioneered by Fazel Fatah and his surgical colleague, Hiroshi Nishikawa, at The Westbourne Centre.

The two consultant surgeons have now performed hundreds of surgeries in this method at The Westbourne Centre, and the technique has been introduced at other surgical centres around the United Kingdom.

The benefits of surgery without a general anaesthetic are numerous: it’s less expensive for the patient, the recovery time is better, and the long-term medical risks are greatly reduced. By far the benefit most raved about by patients who have had surgery in this way is the beauty of recovering in the most comfortable and familiar environment available, home.

Many of Mr Fatah’s patients are happy to discuss their experience with you if this is an area of concern, so please just get in touch. A complete medical information sheet on surgery performed with local anaesthetic with or without sedation is also available from The Westbourne Centre.

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Surgery with local Anaesthetic

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