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Doctors 'recycle fat' to reconstruct body

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I believe perceptions of a man or woman's physical appearance are always to be taken seriously. Many people seeking cosmetic surgery have major concerns about the effects of physical characteristics that they consider distracting or mar a true picture of how they would like to view themselves.  

As a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon for more than 20 years, I understand the desire to correct and enhance physical qualities.  But the decision to intervene surgically must be achieved under the strictest of controls, and in collaboration with both patient and doctor. It is my experience that the field of cosmetic surgery can sometimes be seen as an industry, rather than an outgrowth of the healing profession.

Surgeons have a duty of care and must put the patient's interest before personal gain".

In helping patients come to the right decision for themselves and their families, I seek to combine sound medical opinion with an understanding of the psychological and economic implications for the individual, ensuring a successful outcome.

I have recently retired from the NHS after 22 years as a consultant and now practice exclusively at The Westbourne Centre.  NHS patients who would like to continue their care with me are able to do so with a GP referral letter or appointment booking through the NHS Choose and Book system.

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